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Xerox offers exceptional print and color quality in all of their office printers and multifunction copiers. Either toner or solid ink, these devices will give you a clear image and sharp text.  Devices great for desktop workgroups all the way to large production printing. 



Xerox ConnectKey makes adding new devices easy. Future smart technology that is the same across devices, you can simply clone settings for quick set up.  ConnectKey lets you do much more than just print, you also get security, cost control and productivity solutions. There are apps that are continually created by Xerox and app developers that constantly improve your copier experience.


Network security

“Cisco and Xerox are evolving the TrustSec solution to respond to the explosion of personal devices in the workplace. To protect confidential information, companies need to secure network endpoints – such as printers... By allowing IT managers to automatically identify, monitor and manage all devices from a central location, TrustSec helps ensure the network path to and from these devices is secure.”" 

Find out more about the Xerox and Cisco partnership here.


Printer and Copier Security



"Today’s Multifunction printers (MFPs) are complex embedded systems. They contain, among other things, full scale operating systems, embedded web servers, support for multiple protocol stacks, external hardware and software interfaces, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to interact with enterprise systems. ...they potentially represent a serious risk to your network and enterprise systems if they are not adequately protected..."

Find out more about the Xerox and McAfee partnership here.

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