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Xerox Supplies Deliver Quality, Reliability and Performance. Using Xerox Genuine toner in your printer or copier will ensure that prints are delivered with consistent quality.

Purchasing inexpensive aftermarket toner and ink for negligible short-term savings can ultimately be more expensive, due to frequent replacement of defective and leaky toner cartridges and lost productivity as a result of device downtime from failures of fusers and imaging units.

For worry-free printing each and every time, count on the guaranteed quality, reliability, and performance of genuine Xerox supplies for your Xerox printer. 

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What is Emulsion Aggregation (EA) toner?

EA Toner is chemical toner prepared by Emulsion Aggregation, or a chemical process used to “grow” very small, uniform particle sizes from even smaller (sub-micron) size toner components.

So, what does that mean?  Xerox can deliver the desired size and narrow particle size distribution required for excellent color image quality. This small size and the relative uniformity of all the particles in a particular “batch” of EA Toner is more predictable than the conventional mechanical process of pulverizing extruded plastic for toner. It is also less energy intensive.

Emulsion refers to the synthetic chemical process to form latex toner resin and aggregation means to bring the toner ingredient’s particles together to form the desired particle size and spherical shape.

Benefits of Genuine Xerox Toner

Sharper Image Quality

EA Toner is grown rather than ground to a very small and consistent particle. Sharp fine lines in text and rich color blending are results of this process.

sharp image quality

Higher Reliability / Lower Service Costs

Toner melts at a lower temperature, which saves energy, time and money. This also allows for easy release from the fuser, keeping the device cleaner and with less break downs.

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How is it different from other toners?

The conventional toner manufacturing process typically makes non-uniform angular toner particles that end up looking like an old Adam West ‘Batman’ show “POW” bubble instead of the ball.  This process has worked for years, but it also limited the advancement of print quality and fine details that printers and copiers were able to produce.

Some desirable additives and pigment just would not withstand the melt mix step. Others would not distribute evenly to give each toner particle the right amount of added ingredients. Some formulas resulted in particles that wouldn’t flow. Lower melting plastics, which were desirable to produce toners that fused at lower temperatures, just wouldn’t pulverize efficiently. And waxes, that would have allowed oil-less fusers, disrupted the process at the melt mix stage. There were just some things that couldn’t be done by the conventional process.   

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