Maintenance and Other Supplies

What are maintenance and other supplies?


Maintenance supplies are what makes your printer or copier actually run.  They include the rollers that move the paper around inside, the parts that allow you to scan documents and even down to parts that put toner on paper - the main reason you got the device.  

Maintenance supplies include:

  • Maintenance kits
  • Transfer kits
  • Automatic document feeder kits
  • Toner collection units
  • Imaging drums

Other consumables

There are some printers and copiers that staple your document.  There are inline models that staple as the pages are being printed and some that have an external stapler so you can pick and choose when you want them stapled.  Not quite as good as a red Swingline, but at least the copier does it for you now.  

Printer staples | Copier staples | printing supplies | Printer copier maintenance supplies | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids Michigan
Printer and Copier Maintenance Kit | Printing Supplies | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids Michigan

Who makes these supplies?

Well, naturally, the manufacturer of the equipment makes their own supplies.  There are also remanufactured versions of all these parts.  These remanufactured maintenance supplies are important because a few years after the manufacturer deems a device as "End of Live" they stop supporting the device and making these parts for them.

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