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Original HP toner 

Using original HP toner helps save time and money. Avoid the hidden costs of non-HP cartridges—Original HP toner cartridges offer the best overall value.

The unmatched reliability and legendary quality from Original HP toner cartridges that are designed to deliver impressive, consistent print quality and uncompromised performance. Designed to work first time, every time.

Committed to sustainability, the toner cartridge is designed with the environment in mind. HP makes it easy to conserve resources and paper when printing. And when you are done, we make it easy and free to recycle.


What makes HP JetIntelligence Toner better?

1) Uniform size and shape leads to more precision and better quality images and sharper letters.

2) Smaller parts within the cartridge gives more room for toner leading to higher yields.

3) Cartrigde unseals itself, making for clean and easy replacing / installation.

Benefits of Original HP Toner

Value HP Toner | Toner Cartridge | Value | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

Manage time and expenses

Save money with less cartridge related problems including leaks, poor quality and more.  Less service calls means more uptime and productivity. Get the best with HP toner.

Reliabilty HP Toner | Toner Cartridge | Reliabilty | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

Keep printers running and stay productive

Toner that works the first time, every time with no hassle.  The best in print quality and reliability time and time again. Better toner that’s designed to not clog your printer or copier.

Quality HP Toner | Toner Cartridge | Quality | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

Dependable, consistent print quality

Get the best color and image quality and the best-looking prints with HP toner.  Special toner designed for the finest of pixels and lines, ensuring your prints look like they’re suppose to.

Environment HP Toner | Toner Cartridge | Environment | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

Reduce your impact

Free and convenient recycling with a “no cartridge goes to the landfill” mentality. Old cartridges are broken down to create brand new ones, saving supplies and the strain on the environment.

Can printing with original HP toner make your company green?

HP toner cartridges are made from recycled plastics.  Most of this is from empty cartridges sent back to the HP manufacturing plant.  These empty cartridges, along with other recycled plastics including plastic bottles and hangers, get shredded into the plastic that makes new cartridges.  This frees up the land fills from plastics, helps the enviroment and supports economies.  

Printing with a remanufactured cartridge can actually produce more waste than printing with the origninal manufacture.  The highest ammount of waste in printing is actually the paper waste when a bad print jobs makes you re-print.  With remanufactured toner cartridges, the rate of bad print jobs is increased greatly.  Not only that, these cartridges tend to leak, they did have one end cut off ater all.  Leaking breaks the printer or copier that the cartridge is in, which causes more service calls, more strain on your IT staff or more calls to your managed print partner which has to burn gas to make it to your location.  Overall, printing with orginal HP toner is not only better for the enviroment, but better for your wallet as well. 

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