People need water, cars need gas, printers and copiers need toner.

But are you giving your printing devices the right toner?  

You can have a new premium sports car, and although it would still make it run, you wouldn't put 87 unleaded in it when you know it needs 93.

It is actually the same for today's printers and copiers. They are designed to have a specific type of toner used in them, otherwise they will get jammed or other maintenance issues that causes them to break, which causes you to be without your device, which in many cases causes you to lose productivity.  Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplies are the best choice for your printers and copiers. We partner with HP and Xerox. They are designed to work with the devices specifications and ensures you get the most, uninterrupted, use out of it. 

If you do end up using re-manufactured (REMAN) toner, we really like Clover supplies. They are customer built in an automated facility for the best quality. They don't just refill empty cartridges, they work to make the product meet their standard of quality and are a great alternative to the OEMs. 

Maintenance and other supplies

There are more consumables that go into your printing devices than just toner.  Maintenance supplies that need regular replacing include rollers that move the paper through your device, imaging units, transfer belts and drums.  If you do not have a managed service covering maintenance on your devices, you need to change these yourself when the time comes.

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