There’s a lot more to it than just printers and copiers

With speed of business becoming more of a demanding force in the 21st century, solutions have come that help you increase the productivity and ease of work.

Workflow solutions that let you reads a document as you scan it, captures the fields that are important, routes it to the appropriate file storage and people and tags it with metadata to let you find it easily later - all at the push of a single button.  There are some that let your administrative and office staff fax from their email clients or web browsers, making faxing as easy as sending an email and eliminating the long lines at the copier.

Network and data security are at an all-time MUST. Your printers and copiers are a larger risk to your business than you may give them credit for. Software that works with the printer or copiers built in defensives helps to minimize a risk of breach and keep you protected. 

There is even solution that help you to print less - saving time, paper and money. 

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