Worried about security risks?  You should be worried about what might not be on your lists - Print.

If printers and copiers weren't on your list already you need to seriously evaluate your list. 

Printers and copiers have many ports, use Telnet and have slim to none in the way of network security - or do they?

New printers and copiers have built in security features that help to protect your network. These include BIOS integrity features that reboot if any unauthorized code is detected, partnerships with top network security leaders, whitelisting features and more.

It only takes one attachment with harmful code being sent to your printer. After that, its doors open for a hacker to gain unrestricted access to your data.

HP delivers JetAdvantage Security Manager, a complete print security platform for your imaging fleet. The process begins with a fast, and free, quick assessment, there the software will report any threats or security holes it finds and give instructions on how to fix them. 

Start your print security protection with JetAdvantage Security Manager and patch those security holes. 


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HP JetAdvantage Security Manager Overview with images

Don't believe your printers and copiers are at risk?  Watch how easy Christian Slater can access your data from your imaging devices in this multiple part series called "The Wolf" and see for yourself.

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