FollowMe from Ringdale is the complete document output management solution, which provides unrivalled flexibility for organizations looking to reduce costs, increase security and improve the efficiency of their printing environments.

FollowMe Printing

FollowMe Printing lets you print to a shared print queue and release the print job from any networked device.  Once the document is in the shared print queue, a user can walk up to any device, authenticate, and select what jobs to print and what jobs can be deleted if any. This service also comes with reporting and auditing for cost allocation and spend tracking.  

Unwanted print jobs and recycle bins by the devices are a thing of the past.  Keeps your document and data secure while staying compliant with HIPAA and other regulations. 

why followme.jpg

Why FollowMe?


Reduce cost

reduce costs.jpgWith printing cost ranging between 1-3% of revenue, printing less means spending less.  It also means recycling less because you only print the jobs you need. 

Save management time

save management time.jpgPut your valuable resources to work in something more productive than configuring printers. Let FollowMe ease the burden. 

Increase user productivity

increase user productivity.jpgThere is always a need to print, whether if your users are working from home, remotely, or in the office.  FollowMe helps keeps users productive. 

Keep track

keep track.jpgMany companies aren't even aware of how much they spend on printing.  Keep track of all printing jobs and costs with reporting and auditing tools and cost allocation. 

Protect valuable data

protect valuable data.jpgSecurity risks are real.  Protect your data and documents from both external and internal threats.  Remain compliant with government and industry regulations. 

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