MPS 101 eBook Cover.jpgNo More Manic Mondays:  

9 Ways Managed Print Services Makes Help Desk Managers Lives Easier

Ever come in on a Monday and have 100 emails for technical support?  Of course you have, you work in the help desk. 

What if there was a way to remove up to half of those calls from your queue?  Well you can with managed print services.  Read about 9 ways managed print services can make your day easier.

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glossary_book.jpgGlossary of Managed Print Services:

Your guide to speak like the printing pros

Did you try to fix your faulty copier to find that the user guide for the device you found on Google has a lot of terms and parts you didn't know existed?  

Our glossary of terms helps you to understand your printers and copiers and the repair guy you call in to give you a hand with the maintenance. 

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securing your data with your printers and copiers-ebook image.jpgSecuring Your Data with Your Printers and Copiers

Security is top of mind for business leaders today.  No one wants to be the next company that is attacked and needs to inform their clients about information being stolen.  

Hackers are getting into your system though HVAC systems, credit card machines and more.  It is easier than you think to access your network though your printers and copiers.  Make sure your network and data is secure and that the open ports on your imaging devices are locked down. 

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Contract eBook Cover 2.jpgGuide to Managed Print Services Contracts, Invoices and Billing


Contracts can be confusing and way too long.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone just walked you through the agreement and told you what to look for in each section?  Invoices can also seem daunting when you first look at them, what seems to be conflicting numbers and multiple billing sections can give you a headache.  

We want to make sure you have all the information you need when it comes to managed print services, and that includes the contracts and invoices.  Let this guide be your way of making sure you get what you need out of the agreement and that you can understand what you're getting. 

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Printer Repair eBook Cover.jpgTips, Tricks and Strategy for Printer and Copier Maintenance and Repair


Printers and copiers can be more complex than you think.  Sure, they put an image on a page through tens of thousands of ink nozzle or with a laser, seems easy enough.  These devices are also a computer with full admin councils, address books and routing software.  

If you're going to fix it yourself, make sure you do it right.  If you're going to call in the reinforcements, know your options and pick what's right for you. 

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einfo walkthough cover.pngLasers Resource's e-info Enhanced User Guide

Being able to use a portal to order supplies or request a service call is great news for many mobile IT employees.  Lasers Resource offers a mobile ready client login portal that does just that.  

This guide walks you through the online portal and how to use each feature.  

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