What is Pull Printing?

A service by many names, we choose to use "Pull Print" here at Lasers. In a pull print solution, users send their print jobs to a centralized print driver, that print job and others are securely stored digitally and do not release until the user authenticates either with a pin code or optional key cards and key card readers at the printer or copier.  It uses a single print driver so the user can walk up to any printer or copier that is enabled and print their jobs.  When a user logs in at the device, they will see their full print queue and be able to edit, remove or print any jobs from the device. This eliminates unwanted print jobs, the recycling bin next to the copier, and drastically reduces printing costs. 


Protect your data and your company

Pull Printing also adds security and compliance to your organization.  HR no longer needs to run to the copier to get that sensitive document or needs their own printer on their desk. Their documents stay secured within the printer until they are there to pick them up.  The print jobs are also sent and stored with encryption, so if the transmission is picked up from an outside threat your information remains safe.  This solution also keeps your business compliant with HIPAA (believe it or not, leaving medical documents on a print output tray is a violation) and other government or industry standards.

Interested in a Pull Print Solution?

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