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Reforest your paper consumption

where the planet needs it most.


How it works

PrintReleaf measures the number of pages being printed in your company using a data collection agent. If you have a MPS partner, it is the same reporting that they use to bill your pages.  

print-releaf ratio no bg.pngEvery 8,333 pages equals one tree that is planted in a forest of your choosing.  You can choose the forest from the My Projects section, giving you the ability to change the forest you work with at any time or select multiple forests. 

Customers decide where to certifiably reforest their consumption across our network of projects, integrated with WRI’s Global Forest Watch platform.

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Track your results

SGS Logo.jpgThe PrintReleaf Exchange Standard was developed in partnership with SGS International, Industry Experts and Reforestation System Operators to establish a set of requirements to certifiably participate in the PrintReleaf Exchange.

PrintReleaf provides a monthly certificate of your reforesting efforts and tracks the progress of your forest over an 8-year period.   Showing you the volume of trees planted and the growth of your forest over time. SGS International is the source for verification and reporting services.  PrintReleaf provides a way for customers to actively participate in sustainable business practices and certifiably replace what they take from the world’s forests.

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PrintReleaf with Lasers Resource is a very cost-effective way to reforest your paper consumption and help not only the environment, but also the communities surrounding the certified forests PrintReleaf works with.

There is a one-time set up fee of:


Cost-per-page fee:


There is an initial commitment of 12 months. After that, this service changes to a month-to-month agreement.

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Common Questions

Q) Do I have to have a managed print agreement to participate in PrintReleaf?

No, PrintReleaf can run on its own, just the data collection agent is required... and internet connection. 

Q) I have a managed print agreement, but not with Lasers Resource - Can I still sign up for PrintReleaf?

Of course!  We do not require a MPS contract for PrintReleaf, just happy to help! 

Q) What can this data collection agent see?  Will it have access to my files? 

All the collection agent reads are the number of pages that are printed on your printers and copiers.  That is all it knows to do.  There is no spyware, no listening software and nothing malicious about it.  We can provide you with a whitepaper on the agent we use, FM Audit, and answer any questions you may have. 

Q) How much commitment is required on my part? 

Our PrintReleaf program starts with a 12-month commitment, after that it switches to month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. 

While we think it is better to be a little involved, PrintReleaf can actually run itself after the initial setup.  It will report the numbers automatically and send the correct number of trees to the forest you chose.  It can even send out social media updates to your accounts letting everyone know how many trees you planted each month.  A real 'set it and forget it' operation.

Q) Trees aren’t cheap - How much does PrintReleaf cost?

There is a set-up fee of $100.  After that it becomes fractions of a penny per page, really, $0.0007 per page to be precise.  That means you have to print almost 1,500 pages for it to cost you $1.  

Q) How do I start?

Fill out the form below to have us contact you and get the data collection agent installed. Then it's smooth sailing from there! 

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Fill out the form below to start with PrintReleaf and begin reforesting your paper consumption!

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