Printing Supplies

Whether you need toner, ink, or solid ink, Lasers Resource can help you out!

solid_ink.jpgWith more ink than a tattoo parlor, and both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) from HP or Xerox and  remanufactured (REMAN) toner, we can fulfill your supply needs.  

We can work with you to determine a complete print strategy that will reduce overall cost and increase employee productivity. Toner is expensive, dont stock it.  There are better options for supply fulfillment.  

Automated supplies fulfillment and just-in-time delivery makes having to worry about ordering toner a thing of the past.  No overhead on supplies means no lost, stolen or otherwise missing cartdriges and no more supply closets. 

Need toner or other printing supplies?  We got you covered! 

Printing supplies, like toner and ink, are the most expensive part of printing.  They can also be the most impactful for cost saving.  Drastically reduce the amount of service calls for a device with OME toner from HP and Xerox.

Want to get a strategy around your printing and document workflows? We can help with that. 


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