Some of our print solutions include:

Managed Print Services Printer Copier Security Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

Managed Services

Your technical staff is busy. They are putting out fires all over the office and helping to make sure your other employees can work uninterrupted. We offer managed services to help keep your business running smoothly and taking some of the heat off the IT "guys".  A range of services from a complete managed environment all the way to making sure you never run out of toner. 

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Printer Copier Maintenance Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

Printer & Copier maintenance

Downtime costs money. That is time that you cannot get shipments out, cannot process orders, and cannot operate. We offer printer and copier maintenance in both a contract and time and materials method to keep your business running and to avoid any loss due to your printers being down.

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Printing Printer Copier Supplies Ink Toner Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

Printing supplies

Print supplies are the most expensive aspect of printing. Often there are storage closets full of toner and ink that will never be used. In a managed print agreement, you have many different options on how to manage your printer and copier supplies. When possible, we keep an eye on your toner levels and make sure that your office never runs out when that big report or presentation to a client is due.

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Pull Print Solutions Network Data Security Print Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

Pull print

Companies that have a pull print solution in place have found their paper consumption has decreased. This is a great solution to improve your print security, protect sensitive HR documents, enable your mobile workforce, and stay compliant with government and industry regulations including HIPAA and others. Pull print also provides print reporting down to an individual user level.

Network Data Print Security Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI


There are a lot of threats in the world today. Your company’s data could be at risk. Printers and copiers are another point of entry to your network and need to be protected. Security solutions can defend from risks both outside your organization and within.

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Printing Workflow Solutions Printer Copier Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

Workflow software

Most business run off of documents. A lot of time gets put into digitizing your important documents. There are many different software printing solutions that can make your everyday administrative work a breeze and speed up productivity.

Fax Solutions Printer Copier Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

Fax solutions

Fax solutions can help you reduce the number of POTS lines in your office, make managing your fax lines easier, and can allow your employees to send and receive a fax directly from their desktop or email client.

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