Print and Network Security

Security risks are a real threat in the world today.

Your data is the most valuable asset you have, it needs to be protected from threats both outside and within your organization.  Printers and copiers are a point of entry to your network and need to be protected.  

Hacks are happening at an increased rate over the last few years. Hackers now use the Internet of Things to gain entry to company systems. Imaging devices have open ports to your network and to the internet and have hard drives, a welcome mat for cyber criminals. 

Don't believe your printers and copiers are at risk?  Watch how easy Christian Slater can access your data from your imaging devices and see for yourself:

We provide many solutions that help to defend your business form hackers and all of the hardware we offer come with security features built in.  HP has developed onboard features and software to protect your gear and Xerox has partnered with Cisco and McAfee to give you piece of mind. 

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securing your data with your printers and copiers-ebook image.jpgWant to protect your data and lock down your network?  Find out how in our free eBook Securing Your Data with Your Printers and Copiers.


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Security doesn't live only on your network

Some printers and most copiers have hard drives in them. Are you securing that data?

Read: Digital Copiers Have Hard Drives And Can Be Security Holes Into Your Business

HP Security Manager 

Protecting your data and your company can start with a quick assess from Lasers Resource and HP. 

We look for 13 security settings on up to 20 devices for the quick assess and report back and security risks that is in your network. Click below for more information. 

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