Worried about security risks?  Take printers and copiers off that list.  

If printers and copiers weren't on your list already you need to seriously evaluate your list. 

Printers and copiers have many ports, use Telnet and have slim to none in the way of network security - or do they?

New printers and copiers have built in security features that help to protect your network. These include BIOS integrity features that reboot if any unauthorized code is detected, partnerships with top network security leaders, whitelisting features and more.

Web based attacks are happening at an increased rate over the last few years. Hackers now use the Internet of Things to gain entry to company systems (just look at Target with the HVAC system). Imaging devices and their open ports, hard drives and access to most if not all of your document storage systems are basically a welcome mat for cyber criminals that are smart enough to get to your data through a furnace.

We provide many solutions that help to defend your business from hackers and all the hardware we offer come with security features built in.

Don't believe your printers and copiers are at risk?  Watch how easy Christian Slater can access your data from your imaging devices and see for yourself:

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