Print and Workflow Assessment

Have your printers & workflows do more for your business

Through a print assessment of all your existing print devices we can:

Security_Checkbox_Test.jpgconfigure the best deployment of your current printer fleet or of a new fleet of printers and copiers

Security_Checkbox_Test.jpgboost the security of your network and of your sensitive business documents 

Security_Checkbox_Test.jpgcomplete the form to start your print assessment and let our team help you be the office hero.  

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To conduct a print assessment we will need to install a Data Collection Agent (DCA) on your network to be able to read print volumes. This is a program that only reads print "clicks" (when a page is printed from your printers, copiers, other imaging devices) and no information on the page or any other data from your company. 

We will also need to talk with some of your employees to gain an understanding of how they work, if their jab could be made easier and if anything is getting in their way.