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Capture Data
  • Inventory equipment
  • Assess volumes
  • Evaluate acquisition and operating costs
  • Document impacts

Survey Environment
  • Determine unique workflows and system requirements
Report of Findings
  • Discuss possible options with you and choose the best solution for your business needs

  • Presentation of pricing and solution details
Finalize Solution & Agreement
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Deployment schedules
  • Leasing contracts
  • Legal review

Implementation, Deployment, Installation & Training
  • We will review and provide a statement of work to determine the best course of action
Business Reviews
  • Fleet health
  • Volume & cost trends
  • Workflow optimization

Ongoing Customer Management
  • Adapt fleet deployment & standards to meet changing business needs

The cost of equipment, printing supplies, and printer maintenance adds up.  It is buried in IT and Purchasing budgets, online orders to office supply retailers, and unforeseen service calls.  These expenses hit multiple departments and often go unaccounted, cutting deep into profits.  Lasers Resource helps businesses understand and manage their office printing expenses through streamlined processes and better utilization of technology.

Before any recommendations are made, we learn about your business, perform a study into how your print environment works today. We interview key staff members to identify workflow processes and how paper flows throughout your organization. From this, we work side by side with our customers to identify solutions that will work for them and help accomplish their goals.

After the print assessment we determine a plan of action for printer maintenance and workflow.  During this phase we create a strategy with our customers to ensure minimal disruption in the deployment of new solutions. After deployment we schedule an ongoing review process to ensure that we have accomplished the goals we originally agreed upon. Below is an overview of our process, how we perform our study, and what it looks like to do business with Lasers Resource.


What you can expect from a managed print service engagement.

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