Accelerate paper and electronic document-intensive workflows and communications.

AccuRoute Capture

A flexible server-based document capture software that is highly scalable and customizable for your unique business needs.  Simply capture and process your documents using a method that makes sense for your company.  Route your documents to an address or destination or multiple with a push of a button or a scan of a barcode.  Getting information to where it needs to go has never been easier. 

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AccuRoute Fax

Digitize fax transmissions for ease of use either at a computer, a copier, or on a mobile device. Reduce response time and improve productivity with fax transmissions. 

AccuRoute Mobile

The same capture power as AccuRoute Capture in the palm of your hand.  scan and OCR documents, convert formats and create PDFs on your mobile device. 

AccuRoute CX

Extract information from forms, accelerating the process to gather critical information from form-based documents. 

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