9 Ways to Make Your Manic Mondays Less Manic

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You're the IT guy. The “did you reboot?” guy.

MPS 101 eBook Cover.jpgThe one everyone goes to when something goes wrong with the IT in your office. If it plugs into a

wall; it's your responsibility – whether you work alone or manage a help desk team. 
Software; hardware; networks; laptops; users doing things they just shouldn't – your week (ESPECIALLY Mondays) is hectic enough without trying to also handle the copier and printers in your office.

Once you get beyond the initial troubleshooting steps of “is it on” and “does it have paper,” finding exactly what's wrong with a copier can be tedious, time-consuming pain:

  • Is it a network connection?
  • Has a firmware upgrade over the weekend broken the connection to users' PCs?
  • Is there something wrong with the paper feed mechanism?
  • Are the rollers or other parts worn?

Copiers have hundreds of moving parts – and software adds to the complexity. Copier service technicians receive education every year to stay up-to-date on how to fix copiers. You don't have that knowledge. If there's something wrong with the copier, you're going to have to call someone in anyway.

Stop wasting your time and focus on helping your users. It's time to outsource the management of your copiers and printers to a managed print services partner. Let someone else troubleshoot your printers and copiers so you can get back to rebuilding that laptop for Frank in accounting who clicked on a virus-infected file in an email AGAIN.

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