Guide to Office Equipment Purchase and Leases

Find out the differences between lease types and all the ways to acquire a new copier for your office. 

purchase and lease guide coverThis guide will cover all the typical ways to purchase a new copier including: 

  • Fair Market Value (FMV) Leases
  • Dollar Buyout Leases 
  • Buying outright
  • Rental Equipment
  • Printing as a Service (PaaS)

Getting a lease for your office equipment is easy enough once you know all the different types out there and which is best for you.  What about getting out of a lease though?  That can be a tricky process.

This guide also contains a 6 step process to help you end a lease agreement with avoiding any auto-renewals or fees. 

The guide ends with an overview of new lease practices and how they will change your balance sheet and how you get new equipment. 

This is a quick, but must have guide if you are either looking to start or end an office equipment lease agreement or are looking for new options for getting new gear. 

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