Guide to Managed Print Service Contracts, Invoices & Billing

Question on your managed print services (MPS) contract? Wondering how to read the agreement and what it all actually means?  

Contract eBook Cover 2.jpgReceived a printing invoice that doesn't make sense to you? We have the answers to your questions in the eBook "Guide to Managed Print Services Contracts, Invoices and Billing".  In the guide, you will learn:


  • The value of a maintenance contract
  • How to read your printer maintenance contract
  • What service level agreements (SLAs) are and what to look for in them
  • How to read your MPS invoice and why there might be what seems like conflicting information on it
  • How billing works and how you can combine multiple bills into one

Once you know how these contracts are created, how you're invoiced and your billing options, you will be ready to meet with potential managed print service partners and make an informed decision on who to choose. 

Download the

eBook here!