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Start your print and workflow assessment with Lasers Resource and FMAudit.

A print assessment needs data, FMAudit gets that data. 

You want a print and workflow assessment, that's great! It is powerful to know all things that go with printing:

  1. how many printers/copiers/other print devices you have on your network
  2. how many pages your company is printing
  3. how much printing is costing you

The list goes on. These are all very important facts and figures, yet most companies have no clue what the answer to even those simple questions are. 

In order to get you all the important information that gets generated from a print and workflow assessment, we need to get data. That's where a Data Collection Agent (DCA) comes into play. We use FMAudit. 

What does a Data Collection Agent (DCA) do? 

A DCA will operate on your network, installed on a server (preferable) or on a client PC. The DCA will then listen for print jobs and report back details every time a user hits "print".  Data includes number of pages, color or black-and-white, size of page, and more information along those lines. 

It is used during an assessment to gain an understanding of your print environment and report the facts back to you. In a managed agreement, the DCA is used to collect meter reads for accurate billing, monitor toner and supply levels so you don't run out and also to detect any issues a device might have. 

It is important to note that FMAudit ONLY collects information on print, fax and scan metadata, it is not programmed to do anything else.

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Download the FMAudit Brochure and the FMAudit Whitepaper for additional information!


Download FMAudit Brochure


Download FMAudit Whitepaper

Requirements for FMAudit:

  Service Pack Bit Support Central Onsite Viewer WebAudit .NET Version Agent
Windows XP SP2 32 - Yes Yes Yes 2.0 Yes
Windows Vista   32 - Yes Yes Yes 2.0 Yes
Windows 7   32/64 - Yes Yes Yes 2.0 Yes
Windows 8   32/64 - Yes Yes No 3.5 No
Windows Server 2003   32/64 Yes Yes Yes Yes 2.0 Yes
Windows Server 2008   32/64 Yes Yes Yes Yes 3.5 Yes
Windows Server 2012   32/64 Yes Yes Yes No 3.5 No


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FMAudit common questions



Q) Do FMAudit products work with internet proxies?

Yes. FMAudit Viewer and Onsite are local applications and use the Internet Explorer (IE) settings. The “Secure” settings must also be configured to license FMAudit products, and generate the Dynamic Reports included in Viewer.

Q) What hosting options are available for FMAudit Central Server?

There are a few hosting options available:

Internally: dealer may install internally at their office and provide internal and/or external access to their employees and end users (customers)

Third party: outside hosting service such as GoDaddy (

FMAudit shared: hosting service provided by FMAudit using a shared hosted server

FMAudit hosted: dedicated hosting service provided by FMAudit using a dedicated hosted server

Q) How does the FMAudit WebAudit process work?

From FMAudit Central, the dealer specifies the customer’s billing cycle. At this time, an email is automatically generated and sent to the appropriate contact informing them it is time to collect their meters. The instructions include a URL, whereby when the end-user clicks the link, it automatically launches their Web browser, ready to perform the action. The end-user then clicks “start” and “save.” No software is installed at any time. A link to the WebAudit page may also be posted on the dealer’s existing website, i.e. Enter Meter Readings Web page. This allows the user to automate the collection, rather than having to manually walk from device to device, print configuration page and transcribe the meters.

Q) How does the Meter Validation process work?

From FMAudit Central, the dealer specifies the customer’s billing cycle. At this time, an email is automatically generated and sent to the appropriate contact informing them it is time to “validate” their meters. The devices are filtered to include only managed (devices under contract) devices with missing meters. After supplying the missing meters, the end-user then “submits” the meters. Optional features allow the end-user to submit service copies, and notes for each device.


FMAudit Onsite

Q) What are the FMAudit Onsite minimum requirements?

FMAudit Onsite must be run from a computer with a Microsoft XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003, 2008, or 2012 operating system. The Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 is required for Onsite v2 or higher.

Q) Does FMAusit Onsite require Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)?

No. FMAudit Onsite includes its own server to display the Web pages and is set up automatically during the installation.

Q) Can you install FMAudit Onsite on a computer which already hosts another Internet Information Services IIS website?

Yes. FMAudit Onsite uses port 33330 by default, but this may also be configured to use a different port if required.

Q) how much on-going maintenance does FMAudit Onsite require?

FMAudit Onsite is a service which runs in the background and performs audits and exports to configured destinations on predefined schedules. It’s recommended to use subnets (IP ranges) instead of fixed IPs so that when adding new devices to the network, they will be discovered and included in the audit results, limiting manual intervention.

Q) Can you access FMAudit Onsite remotely?

Yes. FMAudit Onsite may be accessed from another location using the target computer IP and port, i.e. for internal access, or http://<external_ip_or_url>:33330 for external access.

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