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Fax is a safe transmission method.  There can be no "man in the middle", the information is encrypted by nature and it is direct one-to-one communication. There's a reason the health care industry likes it so much.  The only problem, it hasn't been updated in 20 years.... or has it? 

21st Century Faxing

Faxing can now be analog or digital and location or cloud based. POTS lines are no longer required and a phone network is no longer needed.  Give more time and accessibility to your employees by letting them send and receive documents from their email client or browser.  Keep users mobile by securely faxing from a mobile device.  

Stay connected by remotely printing with HP ePrint, Xerox Mobile Print, Google Cloud Print and other apps.  How to Print From a Mobile Device

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Fax Benefits

  • Encrypted by nature
  • No hacking into transmissions
  • Low cost security
  • Compliant with government and industry regulations

Who provides workflow solutions?

Our document workflow partners includes

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