Working smarter, Faxing easier.

Business is too fast paced for you to have to rely on phone lines to fax. They are expensive (at $20-30 per line average) and shouldn't still be one of your concerns in the 21st, cell phone filled, century. 

Traditional faxing has become outdated. Although faxing continues to be a useful tool for businesses, and a must have for some, it has hardly seen an update in offices since the mid 20th century. Not only has the technology remained static, but the manual process is time consuming for your employees and documents can get lost, forgotten or misplaced. 

Faxing can now be analog or digital and on premise or cloud based.  POTs lines are no longer required and a phone network is no longer needed. 

Faxing has come a long way in its lifetime. Starting around 1843, developing into FoIP in 1998 and still evolving to this day.  


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Not just at a copier

Give your users the power to nurses stationfax from a desktop or any email client. Mobile applications keep your employees on the go.

Get files instantly where ever you are.  Built in reporting and a full audit trail let's you know when a document was sent, received or failed. Automatic archive features and document routing / storage / recover keeps you doing your job instead of updating your file server. 


Send information securely

Fax is a safe transmission method.  There can be no "man in the middle", the information is encrypted by nature and it is direct one-to-one communication. There's a reason the health care industry likes it so much.  Built in security for piece of mind when it comes to your data, HIPAA or other industry or government regulations. 

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