Taking the pain out of Print Drivers

Managing all things that go with printing is expense and time consuming. Depending on your print environment - if it be a centralized print server at a data center, a print server at every branch or direct IP printing - there is always a lot of work and hassle that goes with updates, especially with print drivers. More on this in our post: Print Driver Management: Nightmare or Piece Cake?

PrinterLogic not only lets you eliminate print servers from your network, but it also lets you perform all updates to drivers in a single place, once, and have it push out to all systems that need it automatically. It also allows you to set rules and policies and see reporting in one web portal. Best of all, it gives your end users a quick and easy way to install a printer themselves, cutting down on help desk calls drastically. 

The platform also allows you to control all your additional services that you may have with printing: 

  • Centralized management
  • Print job compression
  • Print job auditing
  • VDI/Remote session
  • Release/pull/request printing
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Mobile printing

PrinterCloud by PrinterLogic is a true Print Software as a Solution (SaaS), not just moving your print queue, but your whole print management to the cloud - making it easier than ever before and giving you more control.

PrinterLogic - Printer and Driver Maintenance White Paper


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