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What is: PaperCut

Posted by Neville Wiles on Apr 17, 2019 3:48:53 PM

What is PaperCut? It could be a term used to describe the slice a piece of paper makes across your fingertip, just for added pain, but for this post it means something different. PaperCut is a print solution that comes with many benefits. The main thing it can help your business with is actually the name in reverse, it helps you to cut your paper consumption (or over all printing).  Printing less can not only help your budget but also have a big impact on the environment.

But wait, there’s a lot more that it can do. Let’s take a look at all this solution provides.

Digital Web



Print Visibility

Print-visibility | PaperCutThe PaperCut dashboard comes with 80 pre-built reports that allow you to see who is printing what, when, and on which devices.



Print Policies

print-policies | PaperCutRules based printing can let you set up policies for printing. This can include removing jobs, default duplex and color options as well as custom rules.



Mobile and BYOD

mobile-byod | PaperCutPaperCut is designed with a range of tools to help make mobile devices simple. Native applications work in tandem with PaperCut and the PaperCut mobile app to allow for simple BYOD printing and control.



Print Security

document-security | PaperCutFind-Me printing (release printing / pull printing) keeps sensitive documents securely in an encrypted device until the user is physically standing at the copier to collect it.  This along with user authentication keeps your data secure from being lost or worse.



Cost Control

cost-control | PaperCutCost of printing can be tracked on a user level, department level or even by your clients. Quotas can be issued to ensure you stay within your printing budget and a pay-per-use model can be configured to allow addition prints or as your main printing strategy.


User Tools

user-tools | PaperCutIntegrations with existing ID cards (or other NFC cards) and smart phones lets user print easily with tools they already have on them. Let your users see print rules and their printing quotas through their PaperCut dashboard as well as the environmental impact that user is having by adhering to the new rules and policies.


Integrated Scanning

Integrated-scanning | PaperCutPaperCut comes supercharged with scanning features built in. Working with the native scanning applications on your copiers, scanning can easily be configured to allow for: Scan to Me, Scan to Home, Scan to Folder, Scan to Cloud Storage.


HP Embedded


Xerox Embedded



There are two main versions of PaperCut that you can deploy – PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.  The MF version is the full featured application while the NG deployment still has major benefits. Let’s dive into what each one comes with.


PaperCut NGPaperCut NG Logo

PaperCut NG gives you all the power dashboard tools to let you control your print environment the way you want. This includes all the reporting and rules that were discussed earlier.

This solution works on any operating system, is incredibly easy to install and can automatically import users from active directory or with LDAP.


PaperCut MF   PaperCut MF Logo

PaperCut MF comes with all of the benefits of the NG solution but with all the copier level integrations too.  User authentication and release printing with ID cards or smart phones and control scanning capabilities on your devices.

MF lets you monitor and control Mobile and BYOD printing. This solution also works on basically all of the copier brands available including HP, Xerox, Brother, Canon, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, OKI, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp and much more.

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