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What is: PaperCut

What is PaperCut? It could be a term used to describe the slice a piece of paper makes across your fingertip, just for added pain, but for this post it means something different. PaperCut is a print solution that comes with many benefits. The main thing it can help your business with is actually the name in reverse, it helps you to cut your paper consumption (or over all printing).  Printing less can not only help your budget but also have a big impact on the environment.

What is Stored on my Copier’s Hard Drive?

Most all copiers and multi-function printers (MFPs) have hard drives. It would be rare to find one that doesn’t anymore. Even most printers have hard drives in them. In truth, these hard drives can be a huge benefit if used correctly. They help you to do business faster, allowing you to save workflows, email addresses and more within the device itself. If mismanaged, though, these hard drives can cause pain and even breach government regulations. So, what is actually stored on these hard drives and why should you care?

5 Things to Do Today to Protect Your Printers, Copiers, Network and Data

Hackers are bolder than ever these days. Even Netflix shows aren’t safe from their evil, money demanding clutches.  The worst part is, they don’t just get into your system in the classic ways, email and image attachments; now they attack you through things that use to be safe like your HVAC and POS systems.  Well, believe it or not, your printers and copiers are a BIG target for these attackers. Make sure to protect your system from image device related hacks with these 5 tips.

How Many Companies are Violating HIPAA and Don't Even Know it

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is something we all know a bit about, but what if you are violating HIPAA and don’t even know it?  Are you sure you have all the requirements met and are practicing within the guidelines?

Printers are Looking and Acting more like Computers

Technology has come a long way when it comes to printers and copiers.  What once use to just, slowly, scan a single page and print a copy now can do so much more.  It’s a computer that can make digital physical in the matter of seconds.  Check out this infographic to see just how similar printers and copiers are to computers these days.

Protect Against The Wolf with Managed Print Services & Print Security

You may have heard me talk about network security before and how your printers and copiers can put your data and company at risk.  I say this and say it often because it is the truth.  Many companies have been attacked through their printing device fleet.  There are open ports and forgotten print security settings that make printers and copiers an easy target for hackers. 

Network and Print Security - Part Three: Paper

“Organizations must take proactive steps to address security concerns in the print and document infrastructure, and the managed print service (MPS) partner, like HP, should be viewed as an important partner in this endeavor.”

Robert Palmer, Research Director with IDC’s Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions team.

Network and Print Security - Part Two: Software

There has been a change in cyber-attacks in the past few years.  The motives of hackers are evolving.  In 2005 the major threats were worms and viruses, 2009 saw the start of spyware and bots; the motivation was profit, the goal being identity theft or holding your information for ransom.  These are still major players in cyber-attacks today, but there are also additional motives for hacking.  With the introduction of advanced persistent threats, zero-day targeted attacks, dynamic Trojans, and stealth bots, a major goal for hackers today is destruction. 

Network and Print Security - Part One: Hardware

“Network printers can no longer be overlooked in the wake of weakening firewalls to the growing sophistication and volume of cyberattacks…”  Ed Wingate, VP & GM, JetAdvantage Solutions at HP, Inc.

When talking about print security, there’s no better place to start than at the device.  Is your printer or copier secure?  What measures does it have in place to make sure your information is not being leaked or hacked? Sure, there are software and firewalls and tech support that help to protect it, but shouldn’t the device itself be picking up some of that slack? I wouldn’t want my money in a bank that has no vault door and only relies on patrolling guards.

There are devices with built in security measures. Lasers Resource partners with HP and Xerox, and both companies are working to keep your information secure.

Your Copier Hard Drive Can Be A Security Hole Into Your Business

You've got your networked buttoned up. Your firewall is in place. All laptops, desktops, and even mobile devices are up-to-date on their anti-virus protection. Heck, you've even managed to get everyone to regularly update their passwords.