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What is: PaperCut

What is PaperCut? It could be a term used to describe the slice a piece of paper makes across your fingertip, just for added pain, but for this post it means something different. PaperCut is a print solution that comes with many benefits. The main thing it can help your business with is actually the name in reverse, it helps you to cut your paper consumption (or over all printing).  Printing less can not only help your budget but also have a big impact on the environment.

Print Driver Management: Nightmare or Piece of Cake?

What is  one of the dreaded phrases to hear if you’re in IT? “The printer wont print.” Why? It’s vague, meaning you’ll have a long road ahead of you trying to figure it out. It could mean breaking out tools and opening the device, or it could mean that the driver is bad and you will need to spend time correcting it or creating yet another custom instance for another user; time that should be spent on other tasks that help drive your business forward. Someone once said, “Time equals money,” and that couldn’t be truer than with IT issues.

The Paperless Office: Really?

The Paperless Office. It’s been “on the way” for at least 25 years.

Yet paper is still here. Everywhere. In briefcases (“for review”), on desks, in copier and printer output trays, and especially in those ubiquitous blue or green recycle bins (next to our desks, copiers, and printers!) It’s still pervasive in the majority of processes we use in business.

So, what happened? There’s no question that paper is critically important. Right? Can we all just admit it? Despite that, we can move to a more “paper-light” environment. Seriously, we can.

5 Things to Do Today to Protect Your Printers, Copiers, Network and Data

Hackers are bolder than ever these days. Even Netflix shows aren’t safe from their evil, money demanding clutches.  The worst part is, they don’t just get into your system in the classic ways, email and image attachments; now they attack you through things that use to be safe like your HVAC and POS systems.  Well, believe it or not, your printers and copiers are a BIG target for these attackers. Make sure to protect your system from image device related hacks with these 5 tips.

How Many Companies are Violating HIPAA and Don't Even Know it

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is something we all know a bit about, but what if you are violating HIPAA and don’t even know it?  Are you sure you have all the requirements met and are practicing within the guidelines?