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Who Are the Best Office Printer and Copier Maintenance Contract Companies in West Michigan? (Reviews)

There are multiple companies in the West Michigan area (Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Lansing) that can help your business manage your office printers, copiers and other imaging devices.  

Lasers Resource is in the managed print trade and we often run into questions about our competitors. We always offer full transparency in what we do, so this shouldn’t be any different.  Here is a list of some of some of the other companies in West Michigan that have a solid history in the area for office printer and copier maintenance and supply fulfillment contracts.

Drivers Driving you crazy? Get the Most Out of Your Print Drivers!

Here you sit, at the office.  Your department just shelled out a bunch of money for that large, new copier, yet you can’t seem to get the darn thing to work.  You know there is a hole punch in this thing somewhere, yet it never punches any holes. The new copier may be actually fine; the problem may be that you’re not configuring the print driver correctly. 

Not All Paper is Created Equal

There is all sorts of paper. Newspaper, office paper and some paper who's job I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Did you know that print quality and the number of paper jams in your printer can be linked back to what kind of paper you use?  You probably answered “yes”, but I am talking about more issues than just buying paper from the bargain bin. 

Believe it or not, temperature and humidity can affect your paper and change the way that the end print looks.  Scary thought for us here in West Michigan, where the weather can change faster than a teenager’s mood.

Guide to Managed Print Service Contracts, Invoices and Billing

Over time, we have received a lot of questions on our print service contracts and invoices.  Understandably so, these can be confusing.  For the most part, lawyers are the only ones that get a kick out of reading contracts and for the rest of us, they can be scary and sometimes cause a little uneasiness.

Got a Line on Your Copy? Learn What That is and How to Fix it.

We have all come across it at least once in life.  You go to make a copy of a sheet of paper, or of several sheets of paper, and there are one or more lines running down the length of the sheet.  Now you are distracted from what should be helpful and worth your while, as you read the same sentence again and again because your mind is focused on the line.  Need it fixed before a service technician can make it out? Let's see if this can help. 

Digital Copiers – The Material Girls of the Office Equipment World

We've had some fun with songs from the 1980s off and on over the past few months. So we thought we'd continue that today with an ode to Madonna's Material Girl.

No, really, this will make sense – keep reading.

“We are living in a material world

And I am a material girl.”

4 Ways to Get Your Printer or Copier Fixed - Which is Right for You?

You work at a company that has office equipment, and that office equipment breaks down from time to time. Annoying as it is, it will happen.  If you think about it, most printers and copiers do a lot of work between break downs, sometimes thousands or hundreds of thousands of jobs between breaks, most employees can’t hold that kind of record without a mistake, so they're not really THAT bad.  There are four ways to go about fixing your printer or copier when it breaks down.  You can either:

Why Does My POS Office Copier Break Time After Time?

The last time you bought office equipment – printers or copiers especially – did you feel like you were talking to a used car salesperson?

Too often, that's how many copier salespeople operate – just get the sale. It's not always their fault; they're under a lot of pressure to meet quotas from their boss. Still, that doesn't really help you, does it?

SLAs – The Prenup of Printer and Copier Repair Contracts

A service level agreement (SLA) is the real meat of any contract. It specifies what will happen, when, and by who. It also explains how it will happen, and that can be a powerful difference between good and great service.

7 Tips to Prevent Copier Jamming and 4 Tips for Copier Repair

The copiers in your office are going to jam. Sometimes it's the equipment's fault (rollers getting old and no longer able to grip the paper) and sometimes it's the user's fault (I'm sure this torn paper will be fine). Regardless, at some point, paper is going to get stuck in your copier.

It happens.

Most jams are easy to clear. Look for blinking spot on the control panel, open up the right area, and remove the paper. Sometimes, it's not quite that easy.

Here are a few tips to both keep your copiers from jamming and to clear that paper jam ASAP.