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How to: Office Equipment Lease Return

Leases can be a tricky thing to shake. Its almost like they are designed with the intention of keeping you in a lease forever. They do have nice benefits, financing and payment plans instead of all up front and, depending on the lease, the equipment doesn’t even have to be on your balance sheet. But they also have some negatives, think of a car lease, it’s something crazy like $0.25 a mile for any over the limit. Crazy stuff!

The Many Flavors of a Copier Contract

Printers, copiers, label printers, plotters… really anything that prints is normally more difficult than anyone originally thinks. Often, there are many different kinds of devices in your office from different manufacturers that all take different toner. Even though the drivers say “universal” they only mean their “universe”.  Break downs should be easy, I mean there’s only paper moving through it, right? So why is it broken with a clear paper path?

3 Financial Benefits of Printing as a Service (PaaS)

Managed print has been fairly static for years. There is always a managed partner that will sell or, more often, lease you a printer or copier and give you a cost per page for what you print. That has worked since the beginning of managed print and is still a great option, but it shouldn’t be your only option.  There are a lot of changes coming to leasing practices that will force a change on this old-time tradition.

How Much Does a Copier Contract Cost?

“The bottom line”, “at the end of the day” and “the nitty-gritty” is a huge determining factor for why people do what they do, at least in the business world. It may not always be the only deciding factor; there are a lot of benefits of a product or solution that may sway you to them, but as Bob Barker has taught us all – the price has to be right… and to always spay and neuter your pets.

Is The Traditional Copier Lease Dead?

Leasing practices are changing.  Although these changes will not be fully effective until December 15th, 2018 for public entities and December 15th, 2019 for all others, it is best to know what the changes will be and how you can prepare.

Have a Funny Feeling About that “Too Good to Be True” Copier Deal?

People have been coming to you for months complaining about the printer in accounting or the copier fax speed in accounts receivable and you decide to finally do something more than sending one of your IT reps to do their best. You meet with Mr. Copier Sales Representative and he tells you “Great news! I can refresh your entire printing fleet for less than what you’re paying today.”  Is it truly great news?

Do You Need a Copier Lease Or Should You Buy? – What's Your Best Option to Acquire a Copier?  

There are three ways to get the office equipment your business needs into your office: lease, buy, or dollar buyout. There are pros and cons to each approach.

Copier leases can also be a little tricky to understand. To add another layer of complexity, the laws governing leases are changing with new rules going into effect for all businesses in 2019.