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Who Are the Best Office Printer and Copier Maintenance Contract Companies in West Michigan? (Reviews)

There are multiple companies in the West Michigan area (Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Lansing) that can help your business manage your office printers, copiers and other imaging devices.  

Lasers Resource is in the managed print trade and we often run into questions about our competitors. We always offer full transparency in what we do, so this shouldn’t be any different.  Here is a list of some of some of the other companies in West Michigan that have a solid history in the area for office printer and copier maintenance and supply fulfillment contracts.

Why is the Cartridge I Received Different from What is in my Printer?

Your office chugs along and a nice, steady pace. It’s all smooth sailing and the building seems to be in harmony.

Then, your trusty printer runs out of toner.  No big deal, right? You have a great managed print partner that knew this was coming and sent you a replacement cartridge already. You open the box and pull the new cartridge out only to find that it dwarfs the toner you just removed from your printer. 

“There is no way this will fit!", you say aloud, “I think someone must have messed up our order!”

The Many Flavors of a Copier Contract

Printers, copiers, label printers, plotters… really anything that prints is normally more difficult than anyone originally thinks. Often, there are many different kinds of devices in your office from different manufacturers that all take different toner. Even though the drivers say “universal” they only mean their “universe”.  Break downs should be easy, I mean there’s only paper moving through it, right? So why is it broken with a clear paper path?

Print Driver Management: Nightmare or Piece of Cake?

What is  one of the dreaded phrases to hear if you’re in IT? “The printer wont print.” Why? It’s vague, meaning you’ll have a long road ahead of you trying to figure it out. It could mean breaking out tools and opening the device, or it could mean that the driver is bad and you will need to spend time correcting it or creating yet another custom instance for another user; time that should be spent on other tasks that help drive your business forward. Someone once said, “Time equals money,” and that couldn’t be truer than with IT issues.

The Paperless Office: Really?

The Paperless Office. It’s been “on the way” for at least 25 years.

Yet paper is still here. Everywhere. In briefcases (“for review”), on desks, in copier and printer output trays, and especially in those ubiquitous blue or green recycle bins (next to our desks, copiers, and printers!) It’s still pervasive in the majority of processes we use in business.

So, what happened? There’s no question that paper is critically important. Right? Can we all just admit it? Despite that, we can move to a more “paper-light” environment. Seriously, we can.

Office Printing Statistics

You buy a copier, you feed it paper and toner, and it just works, right?  Well, believe it or not, printing is one of the most misunderstood parts of business.  Every company prints, but only a few have total visibility into what, how and the cost of what they’re printing.  Below are some statistics that may shock you.

Installing a Printer Yourself

Printers use to be easy things.  You slap one down on the desk, take your USB (or for you true troopers, your serial cable),  plug it in and you’re good to go.  Then, things had to get complicated. What once was simple “plug and play” has now become a tangle or network settings and, “The printer that I want isn’t listed.”   I am here to tell you how to navigate this stickler and install your own printer.

Drivers Driving you crazy? Get the Most Out of Your Print Drivers!

Here you sit, at the office.  Your department just shelled out a bunch of money for that large, new copier, yet you can’t seem to get the darn thing to work.  You know there is a hole punch in this thing somewhere, yet it never punches any holes. The new copier may be actually fine; the problem may be that you’re not configuring the print driver correctly. 

Why Does My POS Office Copier Break Time After Time?

The last time you bought office equipment – printers or copiers especially – did you feel like you were talking to a used car salesperson?

Too often, that's how many copier salespeople operate – just get the sale. It's not always their fault; they're under a lot of pressure to meet quotas from their boss. Still, that doesn't really help you, does it?

6 Ways Managed Print Services Will Save Your IT Help Desk Time

Time is a finite resource. When you spend time trying to do things you're not good at (like copier repair), you waste that precious time – and a little bit of your sanity. Then you waste a little bit more finding someone to fix your original problem anyway. And do you really want to spend any of your time trying to decipher what the blinking light on your copier means?