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Print Driver Management: Nightmare or Piece of Cake?

What is  one of the dreaded phrases to hear if you’re in IT? “The printer wont print.” Why? It’s vague, meaning you’ll have a long road ahead of you trying to figure it out. It could mean breaking out tools and opening the device, or it could mean that the driver is bad and you will need to spend time correcting it or creating yet another custom instance for another user; time that should be spent on other tasks that help drive your business forward. Someone once said, “Time equals money,” and that couldn’t be truer than with IT issues.

What is Stored on my Copier’s Hard Drive?

Most all copiers and multi-function printers (MFPs) have hard drives. It would be rare to find one that doesn’t anymore. Even most printers have hard drives in them. In truth, these hard drives can be a huge benefit if used correctly. They help you to do business faster, allowing you to save workflows, email addresses and more within the device itself. If mismanaged, though, these hard drives can cause pain and even breach government regulations. So, what is actually stored on these hard drives and why should you care?

Best Laser Printer for Home or Small Office

Do you have a home or small office and are looking to get a new printer?  Wondering about getting a color device but not sure if it's worth it or what one to get? 

How Much Does a Copier Contract Cost?

“The bottom line”, “at the end of the day” and “the nitty-gritty” is a huge determining factor for why people do what they do, at least in the business world. It may not always be the only deciding factor; there are a lot of benefits of a product or solution that may sway you to them, but as Bob Barker has taught us all – the price has to be right… and to always spay and neuter your pets.

Is The Traditional Copier Lease Dead?

Leasing practices are changing.  Although these changes will not be fully effective until December 15th, 2018 for public entities and December 15th, 2019 for all others, it is best to know what the changes will be and how you can prepare.

The Paperless Office: Really?

The Paperless Office. It’s been “on the way” for at least 25 years.

Yet paper is still here. Everywhere. In briefcases (“for review”), on desks, in copier and printer output trays, and especially in those ubiquitous blue or green recycle bins (next to our desks, copiers, and printers!) It’s still pervasive in the majority of processes we use in business.

So, what happened? There’s no question that paper is critically important. Right? Can we all just admit it? Despite that, we can move to a more “paper-light” environment. Seriously, we can.

Almost Paradise - How Could We Ask for More... Than Another New Building Update.

If you haven’t heard by now, Lasers Resource is getting ready to move into a new office! The new location is being built at the corner of 40th and Patterson, just north of  the airport.  Although it's not exactly the beach paradise you see here, it will still feel like it for us.

If you missed it, you can see my first post on the building here – Whoa, We’re Half Way There! Whoa-Oh, Living… in a New Office Space Soon.


Office Printing Statistics

You buy a copier, you feed it paper and toner, and it just works, right?  Well, believe it or not, printing is one of the most misunderstood parts of business.  Every company prints, but only a few have total visibility into what, how and the cost of what they’re printing.  Below are some statistics that may shock you.

Whoa, We’re Half Way There! Whoa-Oh, Living… in a New Office Space Soon

Lasers Resource is growing and we have run out of room at our office. You know what that means?  It’s time for a new office! 

The Importance of Color

Color is one of those amazing things that is used constantly in our daily lives,  not only for pleasure, but also for survival instincts:

  • See a red can and know it’s Coke
  • Notice the blue/green tint to the sky and know a bad storm or tornado is coming
  • Being subconsciously attracted to people in blue
  • Learning as a kid that “Red meets black, alright Jack – Black meets red, good as dead” or something along those lines for snakes

Color can be used to persuade thinking, soothe someone that is worked up, and even affect your energy consumption.