Lasers Resource was founded in Grand Rapids, MI in 1991 as a laser printer toner cartridge remanufacturer.

Back then the laser printer was a newer technology with a significant potential for businesses to improve workflows switching from dot matrix printers. We saw a significant need by businesses to have a partner to help them support and maintain this new technology. At that time we began a service partnership with our customers and started to hire service technicians to help ensure that their technology investments we giving them the most benefit.

As time passed the laser printer began to evolve and HP attached scanners onto them, this was the beginning of what we know today as multifunction printers (MFPs). As we saw this evolution happening we also recognized a fundamental shift in how businesses needed to manage their printer fleets. Customers realized that managing these fleets was expensive and difficult. In 2004 we saw a need and realized that the market was changing, we made the decision to shift our focus.

From that point we found our core niche, we gained a laser focus on managed print services and began putting our energy into helping our customers find opportunity in managing their printing fleets. As we got better and better at this we starting helping our customers drive down cost, reduce the amount they were printing, and identifying areas to improve productivity. This was critical for us going into 2008 and helping companies manage through the Great Recession, what we found was that although this was a very hard time, our clients were depending on us and we were helping them deliver of the promise of reduced cost and reduced printing.

Today, we love helping our customers manage their printing fleets, levering a variety of technologies we can do things like automate supplies fulfilment, scan to cloud services, provide mobile printing, secure print streams from unauthorized users, and many other improvements. We are happy to say we do a great job for our customers, and we help them understand complex situations so that they can make great, long lasting, business decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about how we do this we provide more details on "Our Process”  webpage or you can always contacts us at 616-554-5555.